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Employees value their benefits, and a well-rounded benefit package can help recruit and retain the best employees.

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Employees value their benefits, and a well-rounded benefit package can help recruit and retain the best employees. Group policies are issued to the employer to cover all eligible employees and, often times, their dependents. Premiums do not need to be paid fully by the employer. There are three types of benefits:

  • Non-Contributory | The employer pays 100% of the premium.

  • Contributory | A portion of the premium is paid by the employer and a portion is paid by the employee.

  • Voluntary | The employee pays 100% of the premium. 

Group Health Insurance

Medical Insurance | Offering medical insurance to employees promotes good health, gives better access to care, and makes health care costs more manageable. Depending on the plan you choose, your employees may have access to wellness programs, nurse hot lines, and e-visits. Richards Benefits has access to some of the top insurance companies in the area, and can help you choose the coverage that is best for you, your business, and your employees. Group medical plans typically require that the employer pays at least 50% of the employee only premium. 

Dental Insurance | Dental care is an important part of everyone’s health that sometimes gets overlooked. There are many affordable group dental options available. Our goal is to understand your needs and help you build a customized plan that is right for you. Many carriers we work with offer benefits packages for preventive care, diagnostics, implants, endodontics, periodontics, and orthodontics. A number of plans also include vision discounts, and can be offered to employees as Non-contributory, Contributory, or Voluntary.

Vision Insurance | Vision benefits can help your employees pay for their annual eye exams, frames, and lenses at little or no cost to the employer. Many plans include laser vision correction discounts. Depending on the carrier, vision plans can be sold as stand-alone or along side a dental plan. These plans can be offered to employees as Non-Contributory, Contributory or Voluntary.

Life & Disability Insurance

Basic Life Insurance | Basic life is typically paid 100% by the employer and offers life insurance in either a lump sum or a multiple of the employee’s income. Basic life insurance can be provided for the employee only, or it can include coverage for the employee and their dependents.

Supplemental Life Insurance | This type of insurance supplements other life insurance coverage that an employee may have. For example, an employer may offer a $10,000 basic life insurance policy for their employees, but that may not be sufficient coverage for that employee. Supplemental or voluntary life insurance is offered to give employees a life insurance option at an affordable rate. Another benefit of group life insurance policies is that there are usually guaranteed issue amounts that do not require medical underwriting. An employee who may not qualify for an individual life insurance policy could qualify under a group policy.

Short Term Disability (STD) | If an employee has an illness, injury, or pregnancy that keeps them out of work for an extended period of time, STD helps replace a portion of their income during the initial weeks of their disability. Health insurance pays for medical expenses, but it doesn’t pay regular expenses; and workers compensation only covers injuries that occur while working. There are many options available to employers as far as the benefit duration and the percentage of weekly income that is covered.

Long Term Disability (LTD) | One of your employee’s most valuable assets is their income. LTD provides monthly income and financial stability when a serious accident or illness occurs. Again, health insurance will pay for medical expenses, but not other household expenses; and workers compensation only covers injuries that occur while working. Disability is a benefit that can help employers attract and retain valuable employees.

Voluntary Worksite Benefits

  • Accident | Pays a lump sum for expenses incurred due to an accident.

  • Cancer & Critical Illness | Survival rates are continually on the rise. Cancer and Critical Illness insurance provides financial assistance so you can focus on recovery.

  • Hospital | Pays a lump sum when an employee is hospitalized. The payment is in addition to health insurance coverage.


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