Loss Control & Safety

A commitment to safety can affect a company’s bottom line. When someone gets hurt, the company and its employees all suffer. Whether you are trying to control workers compensation costs or retain valuable employees, safety should be at the forefront.

If OSHA is a scary word to you, then you may want a safety audit of your possible safety exposures and potential violations.

At Richards Insurance, we can also provide assistance in the implementation of written programs. We have established a library of safety videos to aid in developing or maintaining the safety culture of your business.

There is no better way to emphasize safety in the workplace than with a “safety committee”. Not sure where to start? Richards Insurance can help you set up a committee and we can even be part of it as an advisor.

If safety is a concern, get in touch with the experts at Richards Insurance TODAY!

Planning Your Safety Training Calendar

Training is arguably the most important aspect of workplace safety. Regular training will not only help make sure all needed topics are covered but will also keep safety top-of-mind every day.

Richards Insurance recommends the organization of your safety training into an annual training calendar. How do you do this? Here is how we recommend:

  1. List the workplace safety topics that are needed at your workplace.
  2. Take a current calendar and begin to schedule training sessions evenly throughout the year. Be careful to avoid holidays or other times when a large number of employees might not be available.
  3. Obtain any necessary training materials.

Richards Insurance can help you get your safety training underway. 

Ryan Nelson, Loss Control Consultant