Who. What. When. How. Business insurance is complex. Let our insurance professionals determine the right business insurance for your needs. Our agents have years of experience. You worked hard to start your business; let us work hard to keep your business running in the event an accident happens. Some of the industries we work with are:

  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Food Processing
  • Industrial Services
  • Financial and Professional Services
  • Energy, Chemical & Utilities
  • Hospitals & Medical Clinics
  • Bars & Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Municipalities
  • Technology and IT Services
  • Trucking & Transportation

Property & General Liability

As a business owner, it is important to protect your assets.

Property Insurance | No one ever expects a catastrophe to strike. Property insurance protects your business from hardships caused by fires, storms, tornados, theft and vandalism. Many people depend on your business. Property insurance can help protect you financially after a loss and get you back up and running.

General Liability | All business owners need some form of general liability insurance. General liability protects your business from bodily injury and property damage that your business is found to be legally liable for. Every business is unique and has different needs. There are a lot of factors that determine your risks. Agents at Richards Insurance will work with you to assess your insurance needs.   

Workers Compensation

Workers compensation protects employees that get injured on the job. Wisconsin law mandates workers compensation. Workers comp provides medical and financial coverage while the employee is unable to work. If the accident results in death, benefits can be paid to the employee’s dependents. When workers compensation is in place, it also protects the employer from an employee lawsuit. Rates vary depending on business size, line of business and how dangerous the work is. We can help you get the right workers comp in place to protect you and your employees. Our agents are local and get to know your business.

At Richards Insurance, we also assist your business with claims. We want to make sure that all claims are filed promptly and are paid appropriately. Untimely claims can result in a denial of benefits. Contact us to get a claim started, or start the claim on the insurance companies website.

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Commercial Auto

As a business owner, you need to make sure you are protected if you or one of your employees gets into an accident and is found at fault. Commercial auto insurance helps pay for damages and medical expenses. If you have company vehicles or employees who drive their own vehicles for company business, you are in need of commercial auto insurance. Every business is unique. Our agents are here to help you determine what coverage is best for you.

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Other Coverage

If there’s a risk, there’s coverage available for it. Here are some of the other types of coverage available and what they mean:

Employment Practices Liability (EPL) | Coverage for employers against claims made by employees alleging discrimination. Small or new businesses are most vulnerable to these claims because there may not be a human resources department or employee handbook in place.

Employee Benefits Liability (EBL) | Protects against errors and omissions made by the administrator of a benefits plan. Employee benefits plans can include group life, disability, health, employee stock plans, etc.

Director & Officers Liability (D&O) | Covers defense costs and damages for claims filed against directors and/or officers serving on the board of an organization.

Cyber Liability | Any business that takes payments online via credit card or collects personal information from clients and stores it in a database has an internet-based risk.  Cyber liability insurance covers the expenses incurred to a business after a security breach (notification, follow-ups, attorneys, etc.) and payment to those affected by the breach if damages are to be paid.

Electronic Data Processing (EDP) | Protects for losses involving internal data and computer systems.

Umbrella Policy | Coverage for catastrophic claims that incur expenses that are above and beyond the limits of other policies.

Inland and Ocean Marine | Goods that are being transported by land are covered by inland marine insurance. Goods being transported by water and the vessels doing the transport are covered by ocean marine insurance. Inland marine is a much broader coverage than ocean marine.

Equipment Breakdown | Coverage for loss due to equipment breakdown.

Employee Dishonesty Insurance | Financial loss due to employee fraud or theft is protected by Employee Dishonesty Insurance.

Fiduciary Liability | Fiduciary liability protects businesses that have risk of financial loss from maintaining and/or administration of retirement plans (401K, pensions, etc.).

ERISA Insurance | The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) was established to set rules and guidelines in the private sector to address the concern that these plans were being mismanaged.

Professional Insurance (Errors & Omissions) | If you get sued for negligence, Errors & Omissions Insurance (E & O) protects your business even if you didn’t make a mistake. Any business that gives professional advice or provides a professional service is in need of E & O Insurance.

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There are a lot of different types of coverage available for your business, but it doesn’t mean that they are all necessary. The professionals at Richards Insurance are here to help you determine what is needed to protect your business. You know your business best and we know ours. 

Loss Control & Safety

Does the word OSHA scare you? It doesn't have to! Let Richards Insurance put your mind at ease. We offer expertise to ensure your business is safe. Help is here!


There are over 50,000 kinds of bonds out there! A couple of the more popular bonds in Wisconsin are Business Service Bonds and Contractor Bonds. Not sure what type of bond you need? The experts at Richards Insurance can help you!

Employee Benefits

Employee benefits play a major part in retaining valuable employees. Our benefits team can work with you to determine what benefits are valuable to your employees and affordable for your business.

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